U16 Midgets: Mount St. Charles vs Team Wisconsin

NZ scouts were in attendance for a match up between two of the countries top midget programs at the USHL Fall Classic where Team Wisconsin got the overtime win 2-1.

Mount St. Charles

Chris Pelosi #14 (F, L, 6’2″, 185, Mount St. Charles U16, 03/06/2005, Quinnipiac) – In the first shift, Pelosi showcased a good work ethic and hustle. On the backcheck he created turnovers and then quickly transitioned the puck the other way setting up a 2v1 scoring opportunity. Chris showed good offensive instincts. 

Nathan Mossey #14 (D, R, 5’11”, 154, Mount St. Charles U16, 04/22/2005) – Mossey is a right handed defenseman with average footwork. He found himself on the scoresheet with an assist on Mt. St. Charles’ lone goal of the game. Mossey shot from the point that created a rebound for teammate, Christian Venticinque to put it away in front. 

Chris Venticinque #13 (F, L, 5’11”, 174, Mount St. Charles U16, 07/15/2005) – Venticinque scored the first goal on the PP. The puck popped out  in rebound out front from blueline teammate, Nathan Mossey. Later in the period, he missed a rebound opportunity in tight and failed to elevate the puck quickly. 

Jake Gutwirth #16 (F, L, 5’8″, 161, Mount St. Charles U16, 05/29/2005) – Gutwirth is a smaller forward that plays hard and has some good stick skills. He played the point on the powerplay, using his hands and vision to distribute the puck.  

Anthony Cardilli #15 (F, L, 6’2″, 160, Mount St. Charles U16, 10/13/2005) – It was not the greatest outing for Cardilli, who missed an opportunity in the 2nd period to score. Cardilli lacked desire and then later in the period took poor offensive zone. 

Patrick Murphy #19 (F, R, 5’11”, 170, Mount St. Charles U16, 12/18/2005) – Murphy was quiet in the early part of the game, but as the game progressed, he made a good drive with speed in the 3rd period down the off-wing driving the puck to the net with a high scoring chance. Later on, he made a nice play in the NZ creating a turnover and then a quick transition that led to another shot on goal. Murphy showed some defensive skills and sacrifice by block a shot late in 3rd period to keep the score 1-1.

Maddox Tulacro #27 (D, R, 6’2″, 180, Mount St. Charles U16, 06/27/2005) – Tulacro is a right handed defenseman who is limited on the offensive side, but he played a solid presence in the defensive zone. 

Michael Calabret #32 (G, L, 5’10”, 145, Mount St. Charles U16, 06/19/2005) – Calabret played a steady game. He took whistles when needed, limited rebounds, and made sure to kick shots from the outside away from danger. 

Team Wisconsin

Lucas Mast #12 (F, R, 5’5″, 128, Team Wisconsin U16, 06/01/2005) – Mast is an undersized right winger that skates well and uses his speed for goal opportunities. 

Talan Blanck #21 (F, L, 5’9″, 150, Team Wisconsin U16, 09/28/2005) -Blanck did a good job upfront all game on the PK, and created some chances on man disadvantage be pressuring and reading plays well. 

Reece Cordray #5 (F, R, 5’7″, 145, Team Wisconsin U16, 06/20/2005) -Cordray is a right-winger that is bit on the smaller side, but he showed good offensive instincts with and without the puck. 

Adam Timm #7 (F, R, 6’2″, 175, Team Wisconsin U16, 05/16/2005) – Timm is a ’05 birth-date player to watch this season. He makes good puck decisions and crisp passes. We initially saw a game where Timm was on defense as TW on the PP, he looks very comfortable running the power play. He distributes the puck and handles the puck well. He picked up an assist on the PP, his shot from the point created a rebound goal for Jack McGregor to tie the game 1-1. Timm showcased good stick skills off the rush maneuvering around defenders in the 3rd period with a toe drag move, but firing his shot that went wide. He then capped off a good performance in 3v3 OT,  right off the draw he skated the puck hard to the net right by defenders, got the SOG and then finished off his own rebound on the crease. Timm showed a finesse game and some grit in his game as well. Physically he is lanky at this point although with added muscle and strength should be a real good player for the next levels. 

Jack McGregor #13 (F, R, 5’9″, 135, Team Wisconsin U16, 07/20/2005) – McGregor showed good offensive moves throughout the game and was finally rewarded early in the 3rd period by scoring a PP goal off a rebound.

Kyle Rohrer #15 (F, L, 5’11”, 155, Team Wisconsin U16, 01/26/2005) – Rohrer is a smaller, average sized forward that has good hands and instincts around the net. 

Hayden Rising #30 (G, L, 6’1″, 181, Team Wisconsin U16, 04/11/2005) – Rising is a right-hand catch goalie with average size. He moves fairly well and did a good job limiting rebounds and tracking pucks. He made a big save late in the 2nd period as he tracked the puck movement and pushed quickly to square up to shooter to MSC, #19 Murphy and made a great stop.