Welcome to our Newest NZ Prep Sponsor

We want to thank and welcome Rooney Education to your growing group of Sponsors for our Neutral Zone Prep Site. It’s a free site with recaps, rosters, statistics, articles, and scores.

“Deborah Rooney made contact with me and said that many of her clients mentioned Neutral Zone. She wanted to learn more. It became clear she understood the positives that student athletes bring to College classrooms. Her services aim to best guide each student-athlete in a comprehensive way. Rooney Education has the ability to help different levels of athletes and different levels of students. I liked that.”

-Brian Murphy, Neutral Zone

Below is a brief description of Rooney Education’s goals and services.

In a world that increasingly demands academic excellence and athletic prowess, empowering student-athletes to succeed on and off the field is paramount. Rooney Education, led by founder Deborah Rooney, has made it its mission to recognize and empower each student-athlete as an individual by taking a holistic approach that meets the student-athlete’s specific needs and goals. Rooney Education understands these students’ unique challenges and provides them with the essential skills they need to excel in the classroom and life. 

Deb’s goal is to empower student-athletes, as she passionately believes they are unique individuals with unmatched determination and inner grit. In a constantly changing and competitive environment within prep and collegiate athletics, Rooney Education continues to work with coaches and admissions teams to better understand the recruiting landscape from both the athletic and academic sides. 

Rooney Education takes a personalized, hands-on approach to education, recognizing that each student has unique needs. They meet students where they are, ensuring every student-athlete receives the tailored support they require to excel. This personal, specialized approach sets Rooney Education apart. It helps student-athletes reach their full potential and become confident individuals, academically and personally, rather than having each student-athlete follow the same path as those who came before them. 

Deb’s work with student-athletes has led to the creation of the Rooney Writing Program and her authorship of “Study Smarter.” These resources reflect her commitment to providing the tools and support student-athletes need to succeed academically. In addition, Deb has written articles and worked with student-athletes from across the country, building a community of like-minded individuals who share her sentiment of empowering student-athletes.

Rooney Education is more than an educational institution; it is a nurturing ground for student-athletes who are determined to succeed both in the classroom and in their athletic pursuits. Deb and her team recognize that each student-athlete has unique talents and challenges. Still, each individual is given the tools and path to succeed by implementing foundational skills and a tailor-made plan. Rooney Education knows nothing quite like the feeling of success and accomplishing a goal, both on and off the field.