Vermont HS Power Rankings (Jan. 23, 2023)

Vermont is showing that there are many teams that can make some noise in the playoffs this year. There is parity among the top teams in both divisions and we will find out more with some key match ups on the way.

1. Essex Hornets (7-1-0)

Essex had a heartbreaking loss to South Burlington in their second meeting of the season. There is still plenty to love about this team. A narrow win against CVU 3-2 was their other result this past week. They will have another good test against BFA on Wednesday, which is a must see in two teams with strong defense.

2. Mt. Mansfield Cougars (9-1-0)

The Cougars remain strong and will play Northfield and U-32 this week. The game against U-32 is sure to be one with sparks. Mt. Mansfield has three players with at least 14 points this year with forward Alex Brown leading the way with 12 goals and 10 assists.

3. U-32 Raiders (7-1-0)

U-32 came out on top after taking advantage of a 5 on 3 and scoring with 16.7 seconds left in the third period to edge out Hartford in one of the most exciting games we have seen this season. We estimate there were about 350 fans on hand for that one. U-32 has a chance to tune up the band for another potential playoff matchup against Mt. Mansfield.

4. Colchester Lakers (7-1-3)

With a solid shutout 2-0 win over BFA, the Lakers improve their record and have been stellar against top opponents as of late. They are a cohesive unit that can attack consistently throughout a game. Unless we are missing a game on their schedule, they will be looking to complete the season sweep of South Burlington on the 4th.

5. South Burlington Wolves (7-4-1)

The Wolves are a dangerous team that can beat any opponent. There are elite players on South Burlington that can takeover games, but this is no easy feat to repeat every game. We will see what other damage they can do next week.

6. Rice Memorial Green Knights (4-2-2)

Rice gets a chance against South Burlington this week. They managed the game against Spaulding for a 4-1 win this past week.

7. CVU Redhawks (5-5-2)

CVU seems to be improving each week and has competitive in all games recently. With a win and a tie against BFA and South Burlington, respectively, they have clearly shown that they can win big games.

8. Hartford Hurricanes (7-3-0)

Hartford was so close against U-32. This game was as even as it gets. They unfortunately got called for a couple back-breaking penalties late in the third that made things very difficult against a determined U-32 team. They have a goalie and defense that should keep them in all games. This team has D-2 teams the rest of the way out.

Honorable Mentions

BFA-St. Albans, Burlington, Stowe, Rutland