Past Fitness Assessments

2021 Neutral Zone Fitness Assessment Locations

‚ÄčThe Neutral Zone Fitness Assessment Program is a partnership between Neutral Zone, Sports Testing Inc. and Elite Training Systems. As you know, Neutral Zone is the largest and most respected amateur scouting organization in the world with tens of thousands of amateur scouting reports posted and thousands of subscribers to our website. 

Sports Testing Inc. has been the leading provider of hockey-specific on-ice testing and a developer of athletic assessment technology since its inception and is currently used by the NHL, the NCAA and the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). Mark Fitzgerald of Elite Training Systems is the former Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Anaheim Ducks, and Director of Combines for both Under Armour and the CHL. 

The NZ Fitness Assessment Program tests amateur hockey prospects both on-ice and off-ice, identifies strengths and weaknesses for all participants to assist in their future development, then pairs the participants’ fitness results with their on-ice scouting reports to provide next-level hockey decision-makers all over North America with the most comprehensive prospect profile available in the game today.

Tests administered for Skaters include:

Off-Ice Tests (7)

  1. Hand Grip Dynamometer
  2. Vertical Jump (as measured by a jump mat)
  3. Standing Broad Jump
  4. 20 M sprint
  5. 10 M sprint
  6. 5-10-5 M Pro Agility
  7. Chin-ups

On-Ice Tests (10)

  1. 30 M Sprints (4 Tests)
    30M Forward without puck
    30M Forward with puck
    30M Backward without puck
    30M Backward with puck
  1. Reaction (2 Tests)
    Reaction times without puck
    Reaction times with puck
  1. Weave Agility (2 Tests)
    Weave times without puck
    Weave times with puck
  1. Transition Agility (2 Tests)
    Transition without puck
    Transition with puck

Tests administered for Goaltenders include:

On-Ice Tests (6)

  1. Long Recovery Left
  2. Long Recovery Right
  3. Short Recovery Left
  4. Short Recovery Right
  5. Y Drill Reaction Pad Slide
  6. Goalie Pro Agility

Girls On-Ice Testing – Conducted by Game Ready Testing, Powered by Sport Testing Inc

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Girls Off-Ice Testing – Conducted by Athlete Farm Training, Powered by Elite Training Systems 

2003 Girls Off-Ice Test Results

2004 Girls Off-Ice Test Results

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Goalies On-Ice Testing – Conducted by Game Ready Testing, Powered by Sport Testing Inc

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