NCAA Recruiting Class Rankings

Above you can sort through Division 1 or Division 2/3 for recruiting class rankings and track different recruiting classes for future years.

The teams are ranked by points, but there is a sort capability where you can track what teams have the highest overall quality (average star rating), highest number of commits, etc. The points algorithm is designed to weight players according to their age, the league they come from, and their star rating. We have analyzed freshman production in regards to age and in regards to the league they come from, and have found patterns in the data. We have weighted those patterns into our data and applied it to the team rankings. The algorithm also puts a higher degree of importance on higher star players so two teams with the same number of commits and same number of total stars could have different point totals because two 4.5 stars is different than one 5 star and one 4 star.

Disclaimer: It is an NCAA violation for college coaches to discuss committed players who have not yet signed a national letter of intent. Therefore, we rely on coaches, league officials, College Hockey Inc. and Heisenberg List for our commitment information. Some of these players may change their commitment, while others may matriculate in later classes than shown here depending on early departures, scholarship scenarios, admissions, etc.